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UPDATE!  Ginny won her 14th QQ
at the Mountain States Dog Training Club Agility trials on June 15, 2024.

Welcome to the Sagebrush Shelties!

This is the web site of the original Sagebrush Shetland Sheepdogs, with over 200 AKC titles on our dogs since 1970.  We started out in Wyoming, spent twenty-two years in the San Francisco Bay area of northern California, and are now located in northern Colorado. Our dogs are first and foremost beloved family pets, who share our home, our lives and our hearts. We rarely keep more than six adults, and average less than one litter a year. Ever since our first Sheltie was born in 1969, our dogs have competed successfully in conformation, obedience, agility, herding and tracking. We are committed to the Sheltie as a multipurpose breed.

Our goal in training is not to have the best dog in the ring, but to train each dog to perform to the best of her or his ability in the areas for which she or he shows interest and aptitude.  The titles earned by Shelties bred, owned or handled by us include nine Champions, one Grand Champion, three Master Agility Champions, two Champion Trackers, two other TDXs and six UDs. They have won Group placements, Specialty wins, and High in Trials in obedience and herding.

Our goal in breeding is to produce puppies meeting the breed standard, who are sound in mind and body. We breed a litter of puppies only when we wish to keep a pup for ourselves. The parents have received applicable health clearances, and are quality representatives of the breed. I am a member of the American Shetland Sheepdog Association and of the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Northern California.

The First CT/VST Sheltie

CT Sagebrush Molly Brown, UD HS AX OAJ VCD2 STDs HTD-IIs HRD-IIIs became, on April 29, 2001, the first Sheltie in the nation to earn AKC's extremely difficult Champion Tracker title.  Until October 2006, she was the only Sheltie to have ever passed a Variable Surface Tracking Test.  We still miss you, Molly!


Seven Champion-Versatility Excellent Shelties
In Five Generations!

Seven of our dogs have qualified for the ASSA Champion-Versatility Excellent certificate, awarded to Shelties who have received qualifications in conformation, herding, and one or more of the performance venues.  Hugs and treats to Kerry, Ceili, Dustin, Janelle, Bret, Sally and Sophie.  We couldn't have done it without you!


Specialty Winners, Group Placements
and High in Trial Dogs

Our Specialty winners include Clancey, Jenny, Ceili, Dustin and SophieClancey, Cindy and Janelle have won group placements.  Our High in Trial winners are Molly (herding), and Jenny (obedience).


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