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Sagebrush Jennifer Lee, CDX (5 point major)


April 8, 1973–July 2, 1987

by Ch Barwood's Bonanza O'Merri Lon ex Ch Sea Isle Clancey Of Sagebrush, UD

  • 16 inches
  • Sable & white
  • Eyes certified normal

Jenny at 1 year

Jenny was the pick puppy from the first litter I ever raised.  She was a perfect dog-lover's dog: friendly, fun loving, enthusiastic. 

Jenny was a retrieving fool.  She chased balls, frizbees, and sticks with equal enthisiasm.  Unlike most Shelties, she would willingly go into water to retrieve, and brought back balls from the Gulf of Mexico, and dragged sodden roots from the bottom of mountain streams. 

She was one of the dogs who accompanied us on numerous hikes and backpacking trips in the Wyoming Mountains.  When we set up camp in the evening, she would collect sticks and pile them at the door of the tent. 

On one occasion, I was throwing a stick for her at our campsite.  Finally, in the twilight, she couldn't find that stick.  The next morning we let Jenny out of the tent, and next thing we knew, Jenny was at the tent door, holding the stick she had lost the night before.


A very immature 4 month old Jenny was Best Puppy in Match at the Centennial Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Denver Match on August 25, 1973, under judge Joyce Rossi.


Two years after her puppy match win, she was Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex at the Midlands Shetland Sheepdog Club specialty for a five point major. 

In spite of her size, she was never measured in the show ring, even by judges who were measuring dogs.


Jenny at 3 1/2 months
Jenny at 7 1/2 months


Yes, that's a 26 inch high jump.  Jenny jumped 24 inches in the ring with no particular difficulty.  She thought obedience competition was great fun, even with the force-based training methods in use at the time. 

One time in Novice B competition, she performed the entire heeling exercise while holding onto my slacks.

She was a High In Trial obedience dog, winning that honor at the Central Wyoming Kennel Club trial in 1975.




Jenny went on many trips with us.  This photo of Tammy, Meghan and Jenny was taken by my mother-in-law when we went up to Montana for a visit.


After our move to Oregon, Jenny accompanied us to the coast, where she would willingly splash into the tides pools with us.


Jenny at age 9


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