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Ch Sagebrush Ceili Music, CD TD HT RN MX MXJ VCD1 VCX

(10 GCh points, 3 majors)


September 18, 2000–October 21, 2015

by Ch Arenray Finders Keepers, CD RE HT NAJ OAP NJP HCT VCX
ex Ch MACh Apple Acres Sagebrush Kerry, TD PT MXS MJS JHD VCX


Our first home-bred champion, Ceili (pronounced Kay-lee) manipulated her way to anything she wanted by virtue of her sheer cuteness.   All her life, she was a truly fun dog to have around.

Ceili won three majors on her way to her Championship, going Winners Bitch at the SSCNC Specialty in 2003 to finish.  She is the dam of our GCh CT MACH Sagebrush Little Big Man, HSAs OF MXS MJS JHD VCX. In 2013, at the age of 13, she was Select Bitch at the Centennial Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Denver specialty.

Ceili at age 6
Ceili at age 10, July 2010


What better way to get me to let her into the house?  When Ceili was finished outside, she would stand outside the living room window and stare a hole through me until I let her in.  

She worked her magic on the other dogs in the house too.  When she wanted the dog bed that her son Dustin was lying on, she would walk over and stare at him until he got up in disgust and walked away.



Ceili was a willing agility dog, but she really never saw the need for speed.  Nonetheless she earned her MX and MXJ, and enjoyed every minute of it.  Watch her wagging her tail as she lies on the pause table in the video!

Ceili's agility runs in Fresno, 2003 and 2005.  These are from old VHS tapes..


Ceili was one of the dogs who demonstrated Variable Surface Tracking at a 2005 tracking seminar.  She earned her tracking dog title (TD) at the test held by the Sacramento Dog Training Club on February 25, 2007.

Ceili on the eve of her 14th birthday  


In the spring of 2015, with the CSSC Specialties approaching, I asked Ceili if she'd like to show in the Veterans Class.  She said, "Yes, please," so I entered her.  She had a grand time, showed her little heart out, and was Best Veteran and Select Bitch at both shows, at age 14 years, 8 months.  



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