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Ch Sea Isle Clancey Of Sagebrush, UD


July 5, 1971–July 19, 1981

by Ch MarJan's Mystic Scott O'Sea Isle ex Barbanorm Marlene of Sea Isle

  • Sable and white
  • 14 5/8 inches
  • Eyes certified normal

Clancey was my first show dog, and my first champion.  She came to me from Sea Isle as a four month old puppy, and I thought she was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen.   She was slow to mature, and I was a novice handler, so she was four years old when she finished her championship.  We learned together, and I made more mistakes than she did.  Clancey won several Best of Breeds, and two working group placements.  She also had two specialty wins.

Clancey was the dam of the specialty winner and obedience High In Trial winner, Sagebrush Jennifer Lee, CDX.  Her second litter produced Sagebrush Cindy O'Roylin, UD, who won a Working Group (before the Herding Group was split off).  Her last litter included Sagebrush Mountain Heather, CD.  Cindy was the only one of Clancey's daughters to carry on.  Through her, Clancey is behind the 1990s champions, Ch Mirthhaven English Ivy and Ch Mirthhaven Rose To The Occasion.  She also carries down to the Himark Obedience Trial Champions, OTCH Himark Lord of the Rings and OTCH Himark Ebony N Ivory.


While Clancey was growing up, she earned her CD with scores in the 190s, and then her CDX at 15 months of age.  Clancey was a loyal and very willing dog, who really tried to figure out what I wanted her to do.  When she was working in Utility obedience at age nine, she had a problem with figuring out what I wanted on the directed jumping exercise.  At our last spring show, needing one more leg to complete her title, she was qualifying going into the directed jumping.  We had worked on that the night before.  I sent her across the ring, then directed her to the first jump which she took correctly.  Then I sent her out again, and directed her to the second jump.  She started for the right jump, got halfway there, and then decided she was headed for the wrong jump.  She went all the way across the ring and took the wrong jump, quite convinced that she had done what I wanted.

Tartan Tammy, UD, Clancey and Barry, Glacier Primitive Area, Wyoming 1972

Clancey was a fun-loving dog.  Completely reliable off lead, Clancey was one of the dogs who went backpacking with us in the Wyoming mountains.  On one occasion, I was cooking supper at our back country camp, and my husband was fishing about a quarter of a mile downstream.  Barry didn't realize that supper was ready, and he couldn't hear me call him over the sounds of the creek.  I told Clancey, who had no training for this kind of thing, to go get Barry.  It took her a few seconds to figure out from my gesture what I wanted, but then she caught sight of him on my mark, and took off after him at full gallop.  Barry's supper did not get cold that night.

Clancey was trained in tracking, but I really didn't know anything about reading a dog, so I was unable to recognize her tracking indications.  She took to tracking with the same willingness that she gave to everything else.  She was certified twice, but due to my lack of experience she never earned her TD.  In about 1975, at the request of Barbara Hagen Rieseberg (Silverleaf Shelties), we took the set of photos of Clancey tracking that are in her book, Sheltie Talk.

Clancey's specialty wins are noteworthy because of the judges who gave her the awards.  In view of the reputations of these judges, all three pictures are linked to full sized photos.

Noted English breeder/judge Margaret Osborne gave Clancey a Best in Match at the Centennial Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Denver in August 1972.  Clancey was 15 months of age and completely out of coat.

Betty Whelan, of Pocono Shelties fame, awarded Clancey Best of Opposite Sex at the Centennial Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Denver in June 1976.

Jean Simmonds, Carmylie Shelties, picked Clancey for Best of Breed at age 8 1/2
at the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater St. Louis on Februsry 29, 1980.


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