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Sarabande Meghan O'Sagebrush, UD


April 17, 1981–September 2, 1993

by Ch Sarabande Bold Woodsman, CD ex Sarabande Dewberry, CD

  • 16 1/4 inches
  • Sable & white
  • Eyes certified normal
  • OFA good

Meghan at 4 years

Meghan was bred by Phyllis Holst of Sarabande Shelties.  She came to live with me as an eight week old puppy.  Although she won a Reserve as a youngster, she crept over the 16 inch limit by the time she was mature.  She is the dam of Sagebrush Little Britches, UD TDX, Sagebrush Wildcat Annie, CDX (points), and Sagebrush Molly of Candyland, CD.


Meghan enjoyed backpacking with us.  She was a very reliable dog, and I could trust her off leash where it was permitted.  She went on many trips with my husband and I over the years.  She is pictured here in the Hell's Canyon Wilderness in 1982.


Meghan takes the broad jump during a training session

Meghan was a pretty good obedience dog.  But I never could get serious about straight fronts and finishes, and we stopped competing shortly after she earned her UD.  She won High Combined Score in Trial at the Eugene Kennel Club in 1986, and had several OTCh points to her credit.


Meghan at age 9 in 1990
Meghan with Alicia in 1993 at age 12


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