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Sagebrush Mountain Heather, CD


December 4, 1976–December 1992

by Ch Astolat Galaxy, CD ROM ex Ch Sea Isle Clancey Of Sagebrush, UD

  • 14 1/4 inches
  • Sable & white
  • Eyes certified normal
  • Dysplastic

Heather at age nearly 2

Heather was a real-life therapy dog, long before anyone talked about therapy dogs.   I grew Heather out from Clancey's last litter, and found to my disappointment that she had marked hip dysplasia.  She had already earned a CD title at less than seven months of age, and I was very attached to her.

When Heather was nearly two years old, a couple came to look at puppies from another litter that I had.  They were wonderful people, but had severe physical handicaps, which made them concerned about their ability to train a young puppy.  The second time they visited, I offered them Heather.  She went home with them on approval, and she never looked back. 


In 1983, Heather's owners entered her in the Central Missouri Humane Society Pets Of Distinction Contest.

They wrote about her as follows:

A Shetland Sheepdog who came into out lives in 1977, to a home complete with everything except children.  She was two, and fit right in with her hip dysplasia, making three Handicaps under one roof.

She is a joy the way she retrieves balls, frisbees and plays touch nose after we both get home from work.  She is faithful -- getting up with us in the middle of the night or lying down by our bed when ill.

She's smart, adapts well.  She'll put the ball patiently back into Richard's spastic hand repeatedly, and instinctively avoids our stumbling feet.

Pet: Heather - age 6 - Shetland Sheepdog.

Heather won second place in the contest, and was awarded a plaque.  She and her very excited family then appeared on the local TV show, "Pepper and Friends".

Heather April 1983
2nd Place, Most Distinctive Pet Contest


Ten year old Heather with Dick and Gloria in 1986


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