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Sagebrush Wildcat Annie, CDX (pts)


January 16, 1984–June 27, 1998

by Ch Dorlane's Touch Of Class, CD ROM ex Sarabande Meghan O'Sagebrush, UD

  • 15 5/8 inches
  • Sable & white
  • Eyes certified normal
  • OFA excellent

Annie at 2 years

A littermate to Sagebrush Little Britches, UD TDX, Annie had a completely different personality.  She was a very serious dog, friendly and affectionate to everyone.  Although not a great showgirl, she earned two points and several reserves.  She competed in obedience to satisfy me, but she really didn't enjoy it.  Her best role was as official greeter of everyone who came to the house.  She is the dam of Sagebrush Katie, CD.


Annie winning her first points at age 1 year.


Annie at 8 years
Annie at 10 years


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