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Learning Center

Whether this will ever evolve beyond what is below remains to be seen.

A number of articles and web sites written other people, that contribute to our knowledge of the dog, can be found on the Links page.

The Colors of the Sheltie

My pages on the website of the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Northern California

Of Sable And Black

Variations in the coat color of sable and black Shelties.


The Leads of the Dog and Gait Symmetry

A discussion of symmetrical and asymmetrical dog gaits, the lead leg and changing leads.

Tracking The Tracking Shelties

My lists of Shelties who have achieved various tracking titles.  NOTE: the links to individual dogs on these pages will not work!

What Do The Titles Mean?

A list of all the titles (I hope) on this web site, with the organizations that award them and a brief description of the requirements for earning the title.