Fire in the Bandoleer and Priming Flask

You have read about this.  Likely you have seen period images of this.  You have heard about this.  You may even heard this.

But have you seen it happen?

These two short videos were created to demonstrate what had happened in history - and what happens today.


The slow-motion sequences are particularly revealing.  In regular time, there is a blink-of-an-eye flash, then a big (and concealing) puff of pale smoke.  In slow motion, you can see the size and reach of the fireball or spray of fire.

Imagine a scene of combat 400 years ago. Musketeers in files shoot, then man by man rotate to the ends of the files. In every musketeer, adrenalin  is pumping hard.  There are distractions such as nearby casualties and shouts and drums and shooting, shooting, shooting...  It was so sudden to have something go amiss or be overlooked - and a musketeer was enveloped in pale smoke, then thrashed around, perhaps screaming, perhaps trying to beat out the flames.

Today, the re-enactor picks up the musket, something done only occasionally as a weekend adventure. Perhaps the re-enactor is giving a demonstration or is out in a battle scenario. The musketeer may feel rushed or frustrated or even confused - and history repeats itself.

But wait!  There's more-

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Should the embedded videos not work, try these links:

Bandoleer Fire

Priming Flask Fire