Moving 17th Century Soldiers

Technology evolves. When this set of Web pages was first made and posted, the application Flash was the best for conveying motion and change. Years later, Flash has been justifiably criticized for being: 1) too vulnerable to hacking, 2) a resource hog, especially battery life of tablets, laptops, etc. Since 2010, itís being gradually phased out. In the foreseeable future, it will play only on desktops with old operating systems.

In response, Iíve converted these drill demonstrations to make use of HTML 5, a simpler technology demanding less of computer resources while providing fewer inroads for hackers. Unfortunately, HTML 5 is not quite as colorful nor dynamic as Flash. In addition, converting Flash files into HTML 5 is not a smooth process, resulting in a few erratics. That said, you nevertheless have uninterrupted access to these drill files.

Until Flash is near completely gone as an application, the old Flash files will continue to remain accessible. I recommend viewing these drill instructions in Flash but if your device or computer cannot read those files, please switch to the HTML 5 version.

HTML 5 version

Flash version