combination storage box & stool


tool functions also as a small storage compartment.  Storage area is accessed by simply lifting the top, which is held on by hinges on one side and a hasp on the other.

Carving on the right depicts the panther of Styria.  This heraldic beast is a central European, 11th century concept of a panther, with short horns, the head of a horse, the mane of a lion, and a multi-tipped tail.  Styria* is a province in southeast Austria, its capitol is Graz where is found the largest armory surviving from the late Renaissance-Baroque period. Carving on the left features the two colors of Austria: red and white.

Wood for the top and legs is white oak over an inch thick.  Wood used on the other two sides is red oak; wood for the inset carvings is poplar.  Oak has been mildly distressed and stained; finish is varnish.

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*Pronounced: STEER-ee-ah

backside of stool