he original was found on the Mary Rose, which sank in July, 1545. Most likely it belonged to a man of rank.

Like the original, this is made entirely of ash (save for the steel parts of the grinding surfaces). The mill separates into three components: top (far left on the image below), the hand-held grinder - working like a pestle; middle (center of image below), the holder for whole spices such as peppercorns and with grating surface - working like a mortar; bottom (far right below), the cup to receive and hold the ground spices, and attaching to the center part by a bayonet mount.  Once spices are ground, the cup is removed to sprinkle the ground spices onto food. The steel grinding parts in the reproduction are speculative since the metal corroded away on the original after four+ centuries in sea water; the reproduction grinding parts work, however, so this mill may be put to use whilst cooking or set on the table to impress guests (as the original likely was).

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