folding bench with Bible quotation
folding bench with allegorical art
folding bench with allegorical art

xamples of folding wooden benches, five feet long.  Although not based on actual historical examples, these were designed to be easy and fast to set up and take down, plus be sturdy.  Stability is enhanced by the angle the legs attach to the benchtop; the angle is 100 degrees, not 90, making the bench much less prone to rocking back and forth (note left side of middle image).  Hinges are commercially available gate hinges and are quite sturdy.  Trestle bar is separate and held in place with wedges tapped in with a hammer.

I have seen in Cuenca, Spain, a bench from the early 17th century that was folding, with metal hinges (though its hinges were not as robust as those you see here).

Biblical themes and quotations were used to have these items be in tune with the temper of the times.  Quotes and paint colors facilitate quick matching of trestle bars to benchtops; for example, underneath the benchtop pictured at the top there is written the quotation source: Job 8:21.

Shorter benches can also be made.  In addition, distressing to the finish can be included, although a few uses of these will provide natural distressing.

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